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Esteem Carpet Cleaning Guarantee

Absolutely nobody should be upset or disappointed with our Carpet Cleaning services. Unlike other cleaners, you won’t have to hassle us to come back – no matter how small of a concern.

We can’t guarantee that every spot or traffic pattern will be removed but will gladly re-clean any traffic patterns, stains or any other concerns you may have. Some stains like coffee, tea, plant, urine, vomit & other organic stains most commonly need a second treatment.

  • Please call us within 7 DAYS of the cleaning and we will re-clean the area of dissatisfaction FREE of charge.


  • We are so confident in our service that if you are still unhappy, after re-cleaning, we will refund 50% of the money you paid for the area(s) of dissatisfaction.


  • Our guarantee doesn’t include new stains, new soiling, or new odors.


  • Pet odor removal is extra and is not included in our regular steam cleaning prices. Due to the nature of pet odor – we cannot guarantee 100% removal.


  • Commercial carpet is not guaranteed.