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Esteem Carpet Cleaning is not just a carpet cleaning company. We have entire 18' box truck packed with specialized extraction and drying equipment for fast response to water damage in Fort Collins, Loveland and other areas in Northern Colorado.

Esteem has 10+ years experience in Northern Colorado for water damage restoration. Additionally, we are an IICRC Certified Firm. The IICRC is a non-profit organization setting industry standards in restoration and certifies both individuals and firms.

REST ASSURED - Your property will be restored quickly and most importantly correctly, following industry standards strictly - You will not have to worry about mold or structure damage.

Our Flood Response Vehicle - We're ready to remove water from your flooded property and dry your property out to pre-loss condition.

flood response vehicle

24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE for water removal and water damage in Fort Collins, Loveland and surrounding areas in Northern Colorado.

We work will all insurance companies and bill them directly.

What makes Esteem unique is that we bring exceptional quality, innovation and superior technology together - offering you the very best water damage restoration in Loveland, Fort Collins and surrounding areas in Northern Colorado.

In the event of a flood, Esteem is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Water damage is among the most common insurance claims. For every 100,000 homes, there are 171 water damages per month - more than 2,000 floods a year! Imagine coming home to a washing machine hose or an icemaker hose that has broken and flooded your home. In the winter, pipes will often freeze and burst, dumping hundreds of gallons of water throughout your home. This is only one of the many ways water can damage your home; the list is endless.

Esteem can remove flood water and even restore entire areas from floor to ceiling, usually in just a few days. Our certified experts use cutting-edge equipment to extract water from your property and dry your flooring, and walls. We minimize secondary damage that could become much more time consuming and costly. We use powerful air movers, dehumidifiers, and other high-tech drying equipment to remove all moisture from floor to ceiling. Not only do we use the best equipment, we understand the science behind drying every material throughout your home. And believe us, drying is a science.

No-Hassle Insurance Billing: Water damage can be very stressful. Working with your insurance company shouldn't be. We use the same estimating program most insurance companies use allowing for simple billing. In most cases, it takes 10-15 minutes on the phone and we will take care of the rest. From water removal to billing our entire water damage restoration process is stress free.

More Water Removal = Faster Drying: Esteem uses a $7000 tool made specifically for carpet and pad water extraction. The Xtreme Xtractor easily removes more water than any other carpet/pad extractor on the planet. This allows us to dry carpet and pad in place and in approximately 24-36 hours. Most water damage restoration companies in Northern Colorado use the water claw which is old technology and only cost a couple hundred dollars. Unfortunately, the water claw leaves the pad soaking wet resulting in very slow dry times. It takes at least 72-120 hours to dry the carpet and pad using the water claw. Often, companies will disengage and “float” the carpet using air movers to blast air underneath carpet and on top of the pad. “Floating” the carpet has been shown to cause the carpet to delaminate. Delamination is the separation of the backing from face fibers.

Faster Drying Dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers are one of the most important pieces of equipment used in professional water damage restoration in Loveland and Fort Collins. Esteem only uses LGR dehumidifiers from Phoenix Drying Equipment. No one makes a better dehumidifier…PERIOD.  Phoenix LGR dehumidifiers remove more water, faster than any other brand. Simply put – your property will dry faster and most importantly you life will be back to normal sooner.

Better Monitoring & Inspection Equipment: It's extremely important to monitor the moisture levels of your structure and floors, as well as, humidity and temperature levels. While monitoring is very important, so is the accuracy of these readings. Without accurate monitoring equipment your property could be restored incorrectly resulting in unnecessary damage. Your structure and flooring will not only be checked but re-checked many times throughout the entire water restoration process. Our moisture meters and hygrometers are some of the most precise meters available for professional water restoration companies. In addition, they are calibrated often to ensure their accuracy We also use a Thermal Imaging camera to locate difficult to find moisture. This allows us to see where there may be hidden moisture. This is an invaluable tool that almost no one uses because they are expensive.

Scientific Calculations: Any carpet cleaner can remove water, setup drying equipment and act like a professional. We are constantly amazed that the majority of professional water damage restoration companies in Northern Colorado do not use any calculation whatsoever. Many companies think that if they put equipment on the job it has to dry. Every water loss is different and requires a different amount of dehumidifiers and other equipment. Too many dehumidifiers will increase cost for you and insurance company affecting all of our insurance premiums. Not using enough dehumidifiers will extend dry times and increase the risk of secondary structure and mold damage. We use the proper equipment calculation on every job for faster and safer drying.

Constant Education and Re-Education: We are only as good as our education. We constantly review and re-review the industry standards for professional water damage restoration. Our goal is to provide you with the very best water damage restoration service in Fort Collins to get your life back to normal both correctly and as quick as possible.

Water Damage in Loveland, CO: 6 Reasons to choose us!

  1. Strict Adherence to Industry Standards
  2. BBB Accredited Business - Rating A+
  3. Industry Certified - IICRC Certified Firm
  4. Superior customer service and communication.
  5. No Hassle Insurance Billing!
  6. Locally owned and operated by Loveland, CO - Not a franchise!