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Many carpet-care professionals call their technology cutting-edge, we call it average. Esteem knows the difference. While most cleaners are good, our trucks demonstrate the extraordinary. We doubt you will find another company with the same equipment that we use; at best, they may have bits and pieces. What makes Esteem unique is that we bring comprehensive, innovative and environmentally friendly technology together – offering you the best cleaning service for your carpet.

We take steam carpet cleaning to a new level - a level that even the most innovative carpet-care professionals had not imagined.

Esteem uses a variety of leading products and accessories – including a few secrets we have added on our own – that seem subtle but result in a big difference. Every component we use is selected because it will make your carpet cleaner or preserve the life of its fibers.

You can listen to the claims of other cleaners – or you can experience the Esteem difference. Call today to see for yourself how our technology is not only cutting-edge but extremely effective.

The Ultimate Steam Cleaning Machine!

Our truck mounted equipment is not just better than others - It is way beyond others, including franchises like Stanley Steemer, Coit, Servicemaster and many other local carpet cleaning companies.

Our machine is much more powerful than at least 95% of carpet cleaning companies in the State of Colorado. We apply the power of a compact car to clean your carpet. Our machine is powered by an industrial version of the 4 cylinder engine used in the Ford Focus.

It produces at least twice the suction for substantially greater soil removal, as well as, much faster dry times when compared to almost all carpet care professionals in the State of Colorado. It is also considerably hotter and more consistent for a more effective and safer cleaning.


The Amazing RX-20

With the RX-20 Rotary Jet Extractor, excessively soiled carpet can be easily restored. The amazing RX-20 revolutionizes the way carpets are cleaned. The five vacuum heads and new five jet system rotate at 130 RPM creating 650 cleaning passes per minute. This equates to cleaning the carpet four to five times versus a traditional carpet wand. This super agitation, combined with the unit’s weight, deeply cleans, extracting soil and cleaning solution.

Upholstery Cleaning

HydraMaster’s patented DriMaster™ Upholstery Tool is unlike any tool. Using new Jetless Cleaning Technology, it has no trigger valve, no spray jet, and never needs a second drying-pass. The solution is under constant flow, trained by the patented injector bar and slotted vacuum port system. The result is a highly effective cleaning tool that works without overwetting or heat loss. Even narrow areas can be cleaned without any overspray. No second pass, no over-spray, and high-volume water flow all contribute to the efficiency and speed of cleaning. This new technology leaves the fabric cleaner and drier. Great for both delicate and heavily soiled fabrics.